Best Practices: Coronavirus & Your Studio

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Copyright © 2020. Studio Grow


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Tuesday, March 24th at 12:00PM ET

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Life right now is fragile and terrifying, but if there’s anything this crisis has taught us, it’s just how resilient the human spirit is.  

Big Hello to Y’all,

At the end of January the first clients reached out to us in Asia and shared the panic that had hit their studios. We began making plans with them immediately and formulated programs that have kept their studios not only afloat, but helping the greater population grow in health during this crisis.

We’re now a few weeks into the crisis, and  at least 50% of our clients have shut down their studios and the other 50% are practicing social distancing. 

Y’all, we know this is tough. 

I barely have any words to process what’s happening and how we got here. 

But, I do have hope. 

Our studios in Asia, 6 weeks after those initial emails, are now writing to us for advice on reopening their studios, business stabilization, and marketing to new clients. 

The clouds are parting for them. 

Watching our Asian clients navigate the crisis has given a peek into  a crystal ball, we have a pretty good idea of what  our future might look like. 

If you find yourself wanting resources in addition to our Professional LIVE Trainings I would also like to direct you to a few other resources… 

#1 Ready.Aim.Empire Podcast. 

Episode 411 is dedicated to COVID-19 and the 9 lessons we’ve learnt from working with our global clients, including the steps you need to take now, and what to keep in mind for the future. 

#2 Follow Us on Social Media

We are updating our content daily as we continue to grow our plans around COVID-19 and we want you to have the most up to date information. 

Stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram

#3 Case studies directly from

Our website provides a lot of great, real life examples of studio owners’ successes over the years spanning various types of boutique fitness and exercise methods 

I want to say upfront we are charging for this resources, we are paying thousands out of pocket to get you the absolute best help possible right now, and while the fees we’re charging for the resources will not cover our costs, we’re a small business too, and they allow us to continue being able to offer these resources to those who need them.

Y’all. It’s hard. Last week was hard, and terrifying and overwhelming. 

But that was last week. 

This week, we’re taking a big deep breath, rolling up our sleeves and diving in.   

Life right now is fragile and terrifying, but if there’s anything this crisis has taught us, it’s just how resilient the human spirit is.  

You’re not alone.

Sending you strength, 

Have staff who are IC’s that need direction?  We will include access to staff members who are IC’s for a special webinar directed towards them. Sean will address Employment Law and Federal Aid from an IC’s perspective including:

-What federal benefits am I eligible for as an IC and how do I access them? 

-Should I make myself an employee in my IC business and if I do that will it apply retroactively?  

-What changes do I need to make immediately to my IC status to ensure I am protected?

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LIVE Training #2: Employment Law & Federal Aid from a Studio Owner's Perspective

Tuesday, March 24th at 2:00PM ET

Join Employment Law Attorney Sean Gibbons, J.D..  Sean holds his B.A. from Fairfield University and his J.D. from St. John’s University of Law.  He holds a wealth of accolades from his work in Employment Law.  Sean has been at the forefront of advising his international clients on COVID-19 and is now leading his large and medium business clients in the United States on all aspects of how to handle their team in this crisis.  

At 2 PM, Sean will discuss Employment Law and Federal Aid from a Studio Owner’s Perspective including:

-Do I need to fire my staff so they’re eligible for unemployment (and how will this affect my premiums long term)?

-How does the Federal Aid Bill provide for IC’s, Employees who are hourly and Salaried Employees?

-Can I share if a team member or their family member is diagnosed with Coronavirus?

-Are the tax credits enough to warrant me paying my team members Paid Family Leave?

-What upcoming Federal Aid bills are being considered?

-How do I address employees breaking non-competes and IC’s setting up shops directed to our clients during this time?

-How can you prevent massive claims from IC’s claiming they are misclassified so they claim employee benefits?

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LIVE Training #3: The Coronavirus Impact on Your Studio Led by a Top Virologist 

Wednesday, March 25th at 4:00PM ET

Join virologist Dr. Dustin Petrik, a Senior Research Scientist and Biosafety Officer at MatMaCorp.  Dustin holds a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from Kansas State University and a PhD in Molecular Biology, specializing in Virology, from the University of Iowa.  After completing a NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Nebraska Center for Virology, Dustin has spent the last eleven years in the biotech industry and has worked with many human viruses including herpes viruses, HIV, Dengue and West Nile viruses, and coronavirus.  Since the COVID-19 outbreak, he has provided support in the fight against this virus on local and international levels.  

Dustin will discuss:

-What do you as a studio owner need to be able to share with your clients?

-What is the likelihood that Coronavirus will impact you in the fall or throughout 2021?

-What are the long-term consequences for clients who are infected with Coronavrius?

And, answers to all your other live questions.

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LIVE Training #4: Post COVID-19 Marketing Plans

Thursday, March 26th at 4:00PM ET

Join Lise Kuecker, the founder of Studio Grow as she breaks down the post-Covid 19 marketing plans clients are using to see massive studio growth. This virus will end and you should be positioned for incredible growth when it does. As the **magical 35 day marker** passes for many of our clients who have been affected and normalcy begins to return, studios overseas are reaching back out for help with a deluge of highly intentional clients, who now, more than ever, have placed their health as a #1 priority.

Lise will discuss:

The programs you should be building now to offer to clients when it goes normalcy returns

The marketing funnels you should put in place now to ensure that clients are ready to start when you open your doors

The pricing for intro packages and higher ticket offers

The ancillary add-ons you should be building today to best support clients recovering from Coronavirus

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